Saturday, 19 April 2014

Born Pretty Store Volume Criss Cross False Eyelashes - Review

Hi everyone!  Today I have another Born Pretty Store product to review for you of some false eyelashes!  I must admit, falsies are something I'm pretty unfamiliar and unpracticed with, having only worn them twice in my life.  However, I'm always keen to try new things, which is why I asked to be sent the Volume Criss Cross False Eyelashes*.

The lashes come presented in this super cute peachy pink box, covered in flowers and lace patterns.  The box is made of quite thin cardboard and so I don't think these would travel particularly well
Above: Natural Light
Below: Flash
You get 5 pairs of lashes for £4.16, making each pair worth just over 80p, which is pretty good price wise!  The lashes are secured to the box by a little gold circle sticker on each corner.  The Volume Criss Cross lashes are very long and dense, and the artificial fibre hairs cross over to give a fluttery look.  They're quite fragile, and I actually broke a couple before managing to remove them from the box in one piece.
I've just realised the writing is upside down in these photos, but the lashes are the right way up :P
One thing I noticed about these lashes is that they seem to be held together by this thread of elastic/glue (I'm not 100% sure what it is). I initially tried pulling it off, but that seemed to break the lashes up, so in the end I snipped the end off so there wasn't a random bit of clear elastic/glue hanging over my eyelid.  I did have to trim the lashes slightly anyway as they were a touch too long for my eyes
I tried to wait for an occasion to wear these too, but the need to review them in a timely fashion won over and I ended up just popping some on for an evening in (rather badly, I might add).  I am wearing a bit of liquid liner to help them blend a bit better with the inner corners of my eyes where my lashes are sparse.  They feel fairly comfortable on considering their size, and look very dramatic!
Look at how long they are - 1.6cm at their longest point!

I did find them quite fiddly to apply, but that's my inexperience rather than the falsies themselves.  I love the dramatic effect and can see myself experimenting with falsies a bit more now I've dipped my toe in the water!  Considering their price point, I'll definitely be going back to Born Pretty Store to buy some different designs as they have several.  Do you wear falsies?

Born Pretty Store have kindly created a coupon code for you guys that you can use through my blog :) Just enter the code AWH10 at the checkout for 10% off your order.  You can find the site through the image below!  When there are 10 orders using the code, BPS have told me I can run a giveaway, so get clicking :P

Thursday, 17 April 2014

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

Nail polish remover isn't a particularly glamorous item.  It's one of those beauty essentials that you buy without really thinking about it.  However, OPI's Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is better than the usual - so much so that it deserves a review!

You can get this remover in a variety of sizes; 30ml for around £4, 120ml for around £7-10, and 480ml for around £20-22.50.  This is obviously quite a bit pricier than regular nail polish remover - you're partly paying for OPI's brand name, but the price does reflect a higher quality product, honest!
This remover promises to remove lacquer fast without being too damaging on the nails.  It also dries quickly, leaving behind a really yummy fruity scent like Wine Gums!  This particular remover contains acetone, although OPI also do a regular acetone remover and a non-acetone remover

This nail polish remover really is brilliant - it melts nail polish in seconds, meaning I can remove manicures in a much quicker time, and with less cotton pads.  It's even quite good on glitter - it still takes a bit of scrubbing, but it's much less annoying than when using a bog standard remover.

I believe it's worth the higher price tag, although I try to buy it when it's on sale.  I'd love to try another high end nail polish remover - I've heard great things about Zoya Remove Plus, which has a really cool pump top.

What's your favourite nail polish remover?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sugar & Vice Fruit Charm Necklace

Hi everyone!  I wanted to write a really quick post telling you about my new Fruit Charm Necklace from Sugar & Vice, and to give you a heads up about their new Tropical Collection!  Sugar & Vice are my favourite independent jewellery retailer; they make such quirky acrylic and wooden pieces, and they take commissions too.
The Fruit Charm Necklace is a beautiful statement piece (as all my jewellery is!) with different laser cut and etched acrylic fruits hung in a loop.  The necklace is 20" long and features loads of bright colours, with green lime and apple slices, a dark green kiwi slice, pink raspberry and grapefruit slices, a red strawberry slice, an orange slice, yellow banana and lemon slices, a purple blackcurrant and deep blue blueberries
I really like the fact that the lemon and banana slices are made of slightly transparent cloudy acrylic so light can shine through them.  This adds interest on an already fun piece of jewellery :)
And here's me wearing it!  I have found it can hang a little awkwardly due to the small hoops connecting the fruits together, but this is a really minor issue
The Fruit Charm Necklace is a perfect example of their Tropical Collection, and Sugar & Vice are well worth checking out if you like jewellery that's a little bit different.  This necklace retails at £20 as it's quite detailed and large, but many of their other smaller and less complicated pieces cost less than £15.

What's your favourite jewellery shop?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Recent Makeup Looks

When I'm at university, I get into very lazy habits with my makeup.  Usually, I'll roll out of bed and slick on some mascara if I'm feeling fancy, but that's basically it.  This is a real shame when I have so many beautiful eyeshadows!  I've been really trying to change this and put my makeup to good use.  These looks are the result!

This first look features some of my Sugarpill collection!  After applying primer, I applied Tipsy all over the lid, Midori in the outer corners and Sparkage on the inner corners.  I topped off with a coat of L'OrĂ©al Miss Manga mascara.  You can read my reviews of these products by clicking the links!
For this look, after priming I applied Urban Decay Vert all over the lid, highlighted the inner corner with MAC Golder's Green and darkened the outer corner with Sugarpill Midori.  I then applied a line of MAC' Sassy Moss and a coat of Avon's Mega Effects mascara.  I finished up with Rimmel's Liquid Effect Pencil in Green Glow on the waterline
On the rest of my pudgy face, I'm wearing Witch's Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer, benefit Lollitint as blusher and Bourjous Java Rice Powder.  My brows are filled with Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash (review in the works!) and I'm wearing my Cute Fruit Lip Gloss in Honey Peach on my mouth.

Casual neutrals from me as always ;)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lush of the Week: Sakura

I've now finished reviewing Lush's Mother's Day and Easter offerings.  However, when I was instore last week I noticed a bath bomb I hadn't seen in a very long time - Sakura!  The shop assistant informed me that Lush stores are now trying to remain the same all over the world, so products that were only available in America (such as Sakura and Strawberry Feels Forever) are now instore everywhere.  Sounds pretty good to me!

I actually tried Sakura a long time ago from an out of date gift box and was less than impressed.  I was excited to see how it performed when fresh!

This is a very pretty bath bomb - it's large and white, with pink and green speckles
There's also coloured Fine Sea Salt on the top, making it even prettier!
In the water, I was surprised to find that Sakura didn't really give off any colour, and just turned the water cloudy
There was a gradual pink tint, but it was pretty underwhelming colour wise.  The scent was lovely however - Lemon Oil, Mimosa Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmine Absolute give it a heady floral fragrance
The cloudiness eventually faded, leaving the water tinted very slightly pink
I found this bath bomb looked much more exciting than it was in the water.  However, the floral scent was really luxurious and left my skin (and the bathroom) scented for days!  Sakura costs £3.25.

Are there any other products from Lush you'd like me to review?