Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Wishing 2014

Hi everyone!  Now we are rapidly approaching December, I thought I'd pop up my Christmas wishlist.  Some of these items are definitely purely wishing, and others I hope to find under the tree.  You may recognise some of the items from previous wishlists, which I hope shows how much I really do want these items :P I hope Santa is listening!

This charm is too expensive for me to expect from anybody, but I adore it.  My Thomas Sabo bracelet is jam packed with fruity charms, and I'd love to add this to my collection!

Yep, still want this mascara!  That price tag is just too much for me to ever spend on myself, especially for an item with a short shelf life like mascara.  If someone did get it for me, I could finally find out if it is better than sex :P

I wanted this eye shadow ever since I saw the Bijoux collection towards the start of the year.  I believe it was limited edition, but you can still track it down from Liberty London.  It's just the perfect pastel green!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Acid Green & Emerald Green ($23)
Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic in Iridescent Lime Green ($21)

I really, really want to try some MUFE products and these are jumping out at me the most, although to be honest all of the various green things look incredible!

I would love to try one of these Melted lipsticks as they look absolutely incredible.  However, like most Too Faced, it's just a bit too close to £20, which is way too much for me to justify it as a treat when I'm currently unemployed :(

Oh, Chanel.  You can do no wrong.  I saw MakeupByTiffanyD apply this in a video a while ago and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the magic it performed on her eyelashes.  I would love to know if it could do the same for me :P

Lanolips have released a 'Fruities' collection with new fruity versions of their original 101 Ointment.  The fruits (apple, peach and strawberry) all have different benefits.  I really want the strawberry one because a) strawberries and b) the fruit acids slough away dead skin cells.  I hope these appear in Boots soon, but I've no idea if that will happen!

I want to try any rosehip oil, really, as it's meant to be brilliant for improving uneven skintone and dealing with spots, scars etc.  I like the look of these two particularly!

The ladies with the best brow game all seem to use this product, and I'd love to try it for myself.  The issue is, I'm torn between 3 shades: Medium Brown, Chocolate and Dark Brown.  I think I'm leaning towards Medium Brown, but of course that's the one that's hardest to find swatches of!

This is Sammy from The Nailasaurus's favourite cuticle product, so I'd love to try it because her nails always look so lovely :)

I've recently been wanting a nice ring to wear, preferably green but this opal one is beautiful too.  I never wear rings and I'd like to change that, but I am very fussy with the kind of styles I like!  It would need to not look like an engagement ring too (#foreveralone) :P

So much green nail polish, so little time!

Here's hoping Santa surprises me with one thing from this list :)  What do you want for Christmas?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lush Christmas 2014: Re-releases

Hi everyone!  Now that I'm all done reviewing the new releases from Lush's Christmas 2014 range, I wanted to write a post covering the re-releases that I reviewed in previous years.  Let's get to it!

Butterbear (Butterball review here)

I didn't review this specifically, but it is exactly the same as Butterball, just in a different shape.  I don't like this bath bomb - it's way, way too moisturising and boring in the water - but it will be perfect for those with very dry skin!

Candy Mountain is Creamy Candy repackaged, so it smells sweet and creamy.  It also looks slightly different every year - this year it's a white and pink swirled mountain shape, but it was pink and green when I reviewed it!

This is a lovely and relaxing bath bomb with a sweet floral scent.  It's not too exciting but will appeal to those who aren't so keen on the bright colours and glitter of the other Christmas offerings!

The Christmas Penguin (review here)

This little guy has a floral citrus scent and tints the water a delicate blue while creating lots of bubbles!  This is a great bubble bar for both kids and big kids :)

Cinders (review here)

A Lush classic!  This has a warm, sweet scent that's perfect for cold winter evenings.  The water does go a rather unfortunate yellow colour when you use this, but if you can get past that it's really lovely!

This bath bomb looks a little scary, but it has the most amazing glittery green centre!  Last year it had a citrus scent, but this year they've fragranced it with that delicious Snow Fairy scent.  I can't think of anything better than that!

Gold Fun and Snowman Kit Fun (Green Fun review here)

This Christmas, Lush have re-released vanilla scented Gold Fun and a new fruity scented Snowman Kit version, which has white, orange and black parts so you can build a snowman!  I didn't purchase either, but my review of Green Fun should give some insight into the formula.  It's essentially Play-Doh for the bath!

The King of Christmas bath bombs!  The fizzy citrus scent, star glitter and colourful interior make this a super festive treat :)

Hot Toddy Shower Gel (Hot Toddy bubble bar review here)

I didn't purchase this shower gel because I absolutely cannot stand the scent - it's very warm and spicy.  I do like warm scents but there has to be a fruity element to them.  I usually buy things to review even if I know I won't like it (I can't help myself, I have to be thorough), but this was just a step too far.  I've reviewed the Retro bubble bar of the same name and scent and I didn't enjoy that either.  The Melting Snowman and Holly Golightly have the same scent too, but I like them - it just goes to show how different amounts of ingredients can really make a difference!

Luxury Lush Pud (review here)

This year, the Luxury Lush Pud has had a neon pink makeover rather than the lilac of last year.  However, it still has the relaxing malty Twilight scent

Magic Wand (review here)

This is a bubble bar wand scented like Snow Fairy.  It creates a pink, bubblegum scented bubble bath.  A must have!

The Melting Snowman (review here)

This little guy is super cute and warms up the whole bathroom with his Hot Toddy Scent!  He melts slowly in the bath, leaving the water nice and soft.  Another very warming, festive option

This shower gel has one of my all-time favourite Lush scents.  Rose based but with a lemon element, it's absolutely divine!  It shares its scent with the bubbleroon of the same name.  As with most of Lush's shower gels, it lathers well and scents the skin for hours after use

Santa's Lip Scrub (Mint Julips review here)

I haven't reviewed this festive cola flavour, but I have reviewed one of the permanent lip scrubs so you can read that to get an idea of the formula.  Lush's lip scrubs are effective but very messy and impossible to finish before they expire!

This bath bomb is beautiful!  It's full of deep purple and pink plus stars and it has a delicious sweet toffee scent like Honey I Washed The Kids.  Another must have!

Snow Fairy (review here)

This iconic shower gel needs no introduction.  Pink, glitter, pear drops, bubble gum... I know some people don't like it, but I can't get enough!  I even have it as perfume :P

I was so glad Lush brought out more Snow Fairy scented things!  This massage bar moisturises the skin while adding sparkle and that yummy scent.  I actually prefer to use it in my tart burner as it melts and scents my room like Snow Fairy!

So White (review here)

This bath bomb has a surprise pink centre and a crisp apple scent.  It makes a nice change from traditional Christmas scents.  I only wish the new So White Shower Gel from this year smelled the same as it :(

This bath melt turned the water a beautiful blue and had a citrus scent.  I loved it, but those who don't like glitter should avoid as it gets absolutely everywhere for days after you use it!

Phew! This post took forever to write.  Lush do release some soaps and cleansers for Christmas, too, but they've never appealed to me and so I don't review them. It's all about bath stuff for me!  I hope this post gives you a better understanding of Lush's Christmas 2014 range.  I plan to post about my personal must haves and don't bothers from the range soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful Review & Swatches - Sugarpill Olivia Dupe!

Hi everyone!  Makeup Revolution, the new budget brand on the block, have taken the beauty blogging world by storm.  There are constant new product releases and they all seem to be of brilliant quality.  Of course I had to get in on the action, and I picked up a few bits for myself.  Today I'll be talking about their Eye Dust in the shade Shameful.

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful

The Eye Dust comes in a tall plastic tub with a black screw-top lid.  The packaging is fairly basic but functional, which is what you can expect for the price - this product costs a whole £1!

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful

There is a sifter attached to the opening which is good for preventing spills.  I have to admit, I don't like sifters as I prefer to properly get my brush in there and coat it in product, so I removed it

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful Swatches

Here I've swatched Shameful by itself, over primer, and foiled over Pixie Epoxy.  This is a really beautiful olive green duochrome which flashes gold at certain angles.  The powder is really finely milled and soft, and although it's not hugely pigmented alone, it comes alive over primer/when foiled.  I never wear shadow without primer so the pigmentation isn't an issue for me!

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful and Sugarpill Olivia Swatches Comparison

When I was swatching this it felt a little familiar, and I realised it's similar to Sugarpill Olivia.  Here I've swatched Olivia (above) and Shameless (below) by themselves.  It's not quite the same as Olivia is more sparkly and pigmented, but it gives the same effect.  As Olivia was a limited edition shade and Shameless is so bargainous in price, you'd be a fool not to pick it up if greens are your thing :)

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful on eyes
Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful on eyes

Here I'm wearing Shameless all over the lid.  I smoked up the outer corners  and crease, lined with dark green liner and popped a white pencil on the waterline.  The earthy olive green duochrome is so, so beautiful and it looks much more expensive than the £1 price tag!

Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Shameful on eyes

With the rest of my face :) I found Shameless to wear beautifully all day over primer

A beautiful texture, stunning colour and low low price point make this product an absolute winner for me.  It seems the hype around Makeup Revolution is very much justified, and I can't wait to try more from the brand!  I have a few more things from them to review, so keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on those.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution?  Would you wear Shameless?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lush Christmas 2014: Snowman Shower Jelly

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the final product review I'll be writing for Lush's Christmas 2014 release.  I'll write another post covering products I reviewed last year plus what I think are must haves, so we're not 100% done yet!  Let's focus on today though and talk about Snowman Shower Jelly.

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly ingredients

Like the other Lush shower jellies, Snowman Shower Jelly comes in a recycled plastic tub.  Shower jellies are exactly what they sound like - shower gel in a solid jelly format!  This jelly contains Carrot Infusion plus Buchu, Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot oils to give it a delicious sweet and fruity fragrance.  It smells exactly like the Carrot bubble bar from Easter!

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly

Opening the tub reveals a white jelly.  When you empty him out, you can see the jelly is shaped like a snowman!  You can see his hat, satsuma nose and scarf. So cute!

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly lather

Lush's shower jellies are a bit tricky to use.  They literally are jelly, so it can be really hard to keep hold of them in the bath/shower.  However, I got a pro tip from Nat - simply put a blob of jelly on each palm and then pop exfoliating gloves on over the top.  Scrunch your hands up a few times and the jelly will lather up through the gloves so you can scrub all over without worrying about the jelly slipping through your fingers :)

This is one of my favourite products from Christmas 2014.  I love the novelty shape, the delicious fruit scent and the jelly format.  Once all foamed up, it scents the skin beautifully too.  The only thing is that I can't help feeling a bit guilty when I tear off a bit of jelly to use.  It's like The Snowman melting at the end of the film all over again.. always brings a tear to my eye :P

Do you like shower jellies?