Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lush Oxford Street 2015: Pink Flamingo

Hi everyone!

Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar Review

I have another Lush Oxford Street review for you today.  This time, I'm talking about one of the new reusable bubble bars called Pink Flamingo.  It's a neon pink flamingo on a stick - what's not to like?!  Lush's reusable bubble bar mix is slightly stiffer than their regular bubble bars, meaning you can swish them back and forth in the water or hold them under the running tap to create bubbles over several different baths.

Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar Review

As I've said, Pink Flamingo is a neon pink flamingo-shaped bubble bar on a stick.  There's some neon orange in there too.  Sadly, my flamingo got decapitated on the journey from London back to Bristol, but he still works fine!

Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar Review

In the bath, Pink Flamingo instantly tints the water and creates soft foamy bubbles.  It reminds me a bit of strawberry milkshake!  The orange parts of the bubble bar also fizz slightly, like a bath bomb.  Ylang ylang, rosewood and neroli give this bubble bar quite a heady floral scent when dry but in the water it transforms into a delicious sweet and fruity fragrance.  It's meant to be cocktail inspired and it definitely fits that description!

Sadly, the yummy scent didn't linger on my skin particularly, but I did find the bar softened my skin beautifully due to the shea and cocoa butter it contains.  At £5.95, it is slightly more expensive than a regular bubble bar but the reusable format means you can stretch it further than just one or two baths.  I can't get enough of the novelty shape and fizzy fruity scent.  I'd repurchase in a heart beat and I'm still hoping the Oxford Street products will appear nationwide soon!

P.S.  I want to take the time credit the wonderful Jen of All Things Lush UK.  She's an absolute superstar when it comes to Lush reviews and her posts have helped me fill in any gaps in terms of ingredients for my reviews - the fact that these exclusives aren't on the website can make it hard to know what's in everything!  Do check out her blog and give her a follow because she's great.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June 2015 Favourites

Hi everyone!  June has been a great month for me: I turned 25, and I got offered a permanent position at my job, which I'm loving (I was on a maternity cover position before).  On that happy note, let's talk about my June 2015 Favourites!

I love Batiste and had been wanting to try out the Superdrug exclusive Eden scent for a while.  It smells like sweet melon and honeysuckle, which to my nose is a really delicious sugary candied fruit scent.  The formula has apparently been improved so the fragrance lasts longer although I haven't particularly noticed this.  It still freshens my hair wonderfully!  You can read my original Batiste review here.

This hot weather is amazing but it does mean I have to be careful not to burn my fair skin.  Soap & Glory's Sunshield Superfluid has a really high SPF but is super light and matte on the skin.  I love it!  You can read my full review here.

I received this from Jade for my birthday and it's just the perfect summer scent.  Officially the top notes are starfruit, Italian mandarin, boysenberry, the heart notes are lotus flower and jasmine petals and the base notes are vanilla, caramelised pear, musks and woods.  It's a very light, sweet and fruity scent that reminds me of pear drops.  Divine!  The tacky bottle is amazing too :P

I've been waiting for this amazing giant fruity statement to appear on Sugar and Vice ever since I saw a sneak peek on Instagram.  It's finally mine - I plan to review it soon but it's just as perfect as I hoped!

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, 29 June 2015

Mascara Monday: Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara in Black Review

Hi everyone!  I'm going to attempt to start a new feature called Mascara Monday - the name is fairly self-explanatory.  I might be shooting myself in the foot a bit as I'm struggling to blog regularly as it is, but we'll see how it goes :P

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

Today I'll be talking about Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara.  This came out relatively recently and every review was singing its praises, so I was excited to see whether I'd like it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

The mascara comes in a silvery pink pointed tube.  Maybelline mascaras are usually really brightly coloured, so this is considerably muted for them!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara brush

The brush on this mascara is huge, with a slightly curved shape and rubber bristles.  It's designed to 'multiply' lashes by catching the tiny blonde hairs you don't usually get.  The formula is a deep black with a low wax count so it shouldn't clump.  The small inner bristles are meant to catch the small hairs, and then you turn the brush and use the longer ones for the rest of the lashes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara bare lashes

Bare lashes

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara swatch on lashes

With one coat of Lash Sensational.  Now, there's no denying this mascara really does multiply lashes!  It's a deep black and adds really impressive length and volume.  I can see why so many people like it.  However... I'm actually not in love with it.  The formula is quite wet and thick, so I feel like I lose lash definition, plus it feels quite heavy/sticky on which is something I've never experienced with a mascara before.  The wet formula also means it doesn't layer particularly well and I definitely wouldn't go past one coat with it.

I will admit I'm particularly sensitive to thicker, less defining formulas so the chances are you'll probably enjoy this mascara.  It does give an impressive result - I'm just really fussy!  If you fancy trying Lash Sensational for yourself, it costs £7.99.

What's your favourite mascara?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lush Oxford Street 2015: Double Vitality Bath Oil

Hi everyone!  

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oil Review

I have another of the Lush Oxford Street exclusive bath oils to review for you this evening.  Let's talk about Double Vitality...

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oil Review

Double Vitality is a small, pink and star-shaped bath oil.  It features two halves sandwiched together with a white creamy filling.  I'm not 100% sure on the entire list of ingredients, but I'm going to guess there's some sort of butter base alongside the oils inside!

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oil Review

I was expecting this to melt into globs of oil like Lime Pastille, but it behaved quite differently.  It sank right to the bottom of the bath and melted away slowly, gradually tinting the water.  Double Vitality contains lemon and peppermint oils so it gave off a strong lemon scent with a mint edge.  It was really zingy and refreshing!

Lush Double Vitality Bath Oil Review

I was really surprised at how brightly Double Vitality tinted the water, leaving it a gorgeous orchid pink.  The minty lemon scent was really strong too, and the oils left both the water and my skin beautifully soft.  My skin retained the zingy scent too.

For just £2 each, these bath oils are such a lovely and guilt-free way to pamper yourself.  I'd highly recommend them, and this one in particular - that yummy scent and gorgeous pink water went down a treat with me :)

What bath oil would you like to try from Lush Oxford Street?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lush Oxford Street 2015: Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask

Hi everyone!

Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review

I first heard about Lush's new face mask Cup O' Coffee on MANFACE.  Firstly, give Thom a follow as it's wonderful to get a male perspective on the world of beauty and blogging.  Secondly, read on if you want to know more about one of my favourite Lush face masks to date...  If only it wasn't an Oxford Street exclusive!

Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review

Cup O' Coffee comes in the standard black and white tub packaging Lush present their face masks in.  These tubs are great for storage once they're empty, and make sure you keep them once you've finished the contents because you can trade in 5 clean and empty tubs for a new free mask!

Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask ingredients

Cup O' Coffee is a fresh face mask, but unlike most of them it doesn't need to be refrigerated and keeps for longer.  It's like Mask of Magnaminty in this respect!  In terms of ingredients, this mask is packed with yummy sounding things: coffee infusion, kaolin, organic agave syrup, vetivert oil, fair trade vanilla absolute, roasted cocoa extract, coriander seed oil and caffeine powder.  These ingredients work together to deeply cleanse and 'liven up' the skin, plus gently but thoroughly exfoliating.

Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask Review

This mask certainly isn't going to win any beauty competitions, as it has a rather unfortunate colour and consistency.  However, it smells incredible - like rich, bitter coffee with chocolate and sugar.  Yum!  It's quite wet so it easily smooths over the skin, cooling and cleansing.  It's also quite densely packed with ground coffee particles which mean it gives a really decent scrub too, and it can be used on both the body and the face.

After rinsing it off, my skin was left super soft and smooth, with my pores minimised.  It was a bit of a pain to remove due to all of the grains but it didn't really set so it wasn't as bad as it could have been to wipe away.  The sweet chocolate coffee scent is to die for and I just really enjoyed using it.  I used it at night and didn't find it affected my sleep, but if you are quite affected by the smell of coffee this might be better off as a morning mask!  It costs £6.50 for 100g and £12 for 250g.

Do you like the sound of a coffee scented mask?

ALSO: I just noticed something rather exciting on the Oxford Street section of Lush's website:

For now, you say?!  I can't wait to see if we'll be able to access the products on the website soon :D

P.S.  I want to take the time credit the wonderful Jen of All Things Lush UK.  She's an absolute superstar when it comes to Lush reviews and her posts have helped me fill in any gaps in terms of ingredients for my reviews - the fact that these exclusives aren't on the website can make it hard to know what's in everything!  Do check out her blog and give her a follow because she's great.